Our Partners


Nisrine & Nada| Soul Sisters


Nisrine and Nada are two young sisters from Morocco who started out with a simple idea, to make the most of what their country has to offer. 

Their brand offers a range of great quality organic skins and hair care products, all 100% pure and produced in fair trade environments. Their products are made through cooperatives of women, providing job opportunities for countless women who would otherwise be victims of high unemployment rates. With their products they not only promote the beauty and richness of their country but create employment that allows women to generate income for their families.

Their aim to show the world that beauty comes from nature and that one must not compromise their skin and hair with countless chemicals and additives to achieve beauty and care.

Samuna| Ngor Guma Agri Corporation/ UKTE


Samuna is the founder and CEO of Ngor Guma Agri Corporation, an agri-business that responsibly sources and processes Liberian origin cocoa and oilseeds (palm oil, palm kernel oil, coconut oil and moringa oil) for cosmetic customers around the world. She is also the co-founder and CEO of UKTE, a retail and wholesale importer that uses the power of e-commerce to bring the best of Africa to the world.

She is passionate about supporting and creating transformative narratives that uplift African communities through entrepreneurship. This is how she honours the legacy of female empowerment and leadership of the women of her family. Samuna was born in Liberia and grew up in 6 different countries including the Ivory Coast, South Africa, and Togo. She is a mother to two beautiful children who keep her very busy.

Samuna has a BSC in Hospitality Tourism Management, Purdue University and an MSc in International Law & Human Rights Specialization, Seton Hall University. 

Tomilade| Uzuri


Tomilade is the CEO/Owner of Gelignite Oils and the mastermind behind UZURI by Gelignite line of natural hair and skin care products. She produces high quality 100% natural essential oils, carrier oils, and extracts from ethically sourced material in Nigeria. 

At the core of her company is a culture of purpose and impact: to promote the best of what nature has to offer while respecting the environment and impacting her community in a meaningful way. Her products are rich, all natural and contain no fillers, additives or inorganic materials. The majority of her raw materials are sourced from women farmers and vendors and with manpower that is primarily “womanpower”, her company employs and uplifts women through manufacturing, sales and technical support services. 

She a member of the Academy of Women Entrepreneurs (AWE) and She Trades Common Wealth,  United States and United Kingdom initiatives to support growth of women entrepreneurs around the world.

Larissa| Ou’Lai Maison

Cote d’Ivoire

Tantie (Aunty) Larissa, as she is affectionately known, is the owner of Ou’Lai Maison, a small African decor and fabric business in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire.

Working with a small team of local tailors and craftsmen, she designs her products and sources items from the West African region.